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Regional Summit - March 5, 2010

Action Tools Online

This page contains detailed information about some of the action tools. The action tool summary sheets answer questions such as:

  • How does this tool work?
  • How important is this tool to achieving the vision?
  • What are the costs and benefits, and who will they affect?
  • What are the biggest potential stumbling blocks to the use of this tool, and how can they be addressed?
  • Who would be responsible for using this tool?
  • How would it be funded?
  • What are the next steps to put this tool in place?
  • What examples of this tool are available in North Texas or elsewhere?

Table of Tools

Transportation   Economic Development   Environment
Inter Agency Partnerships   Development Bonds   County Landuse Authority
Managed HOV Lanes   Enterprise Zone   Regional Ecosystem Framework
Park and Ride   Foreign Trade Zone   Watershed Based Zoning
Passenger Rail   Free Port Tax Exemption   Greenprinting
Sustainable Development Infrastructure Funding   In State Tuition   Regional Strategies Section 404 Permitting
Sustainable Development Planning Funding   Skills Development   iSWM intergrated Storm Water Management
Transportation Investment Boundary   Tax Abatement  

Conservation Easements

Transportation Management Associations   TIF Districts   Grassed Water Ways
Travel Demand Management       Compact Development
Value Capture       Soil Engineering
        Land Use
        Density Height Parking Codes
        Form Based Codes

Online tool summaries may be updated and new summaries may be added to the website in the future. In addition, Vision North Texas has the benefit of ‘toolkits’ developed by national organizations and regional planning efforts in other regions. The Vision North Texas website now contains links to those toolkits so stakeholders in this region can benefit from the experience in other communities

Follow these links for more information about the Summit Overview, the North Texas 2050 Document and Presentations from the Summit.

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Thank you to all of our sponsors!