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Vision North Texas Phase 2

Download the Phase 2 Report to read about what was accomplished during this Phase. Additional information on specific initiatives is available below.

In 2006 and 2007, Vision North Texas engaged in four Phase 2 initiatives: Education and Outreach, Public Involvement, Research into Development Excellence Best Practices, and Policy Decisions.

Education and Outreach - Educate regional residents, business leaders, elected & appointed officials to raise awareness about the growth anticipated in the region and the choices for accommodating it in a way that is successful and sustainable.

  • Speakers' Bureau
  • Presentations to Key Private and Public Sector Entities and Groups
  • E-mail Newsletter (submit your e-mail to be added to the VNT newsletter mailing list)

Public Involvement - Involve more people in this discussion of the choices available to our region.

Research - Research the implications of these choices and the tools we can use to achieve a desired choice.

Policy Decisions - Decide whether to create a preferred regional scenario and, if so, what level of detail it should have and what role it should play.