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Leadership Summit - September 25, 2006

The Vision North Texas Leadership Summit was held on September 25, 2006 at the Arlington Convention Center. It was designed to bring together public sector leaders from the North Texas region who face common challenges and opportunities because of their communities’ character and location within the region.

Approximately 100 elected and appointed officials participated in the event, which was cochaired by Dallas County Judge Margaret Keliher and Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck. William H. Hudnut III, Senior Research Fellow at Urban Land Institute, provided the keynote presentation. He urged participants to maintain the vitality of the region’s core and inner tier communities while creating diverse neighborhoods in the region’s growing outer communities. Judge Keliher and Mayor Cluck were joined by Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief and Cedar Hill Mayor Rob Franke in giving a North Texas response to the issues raised by Mayor Hudnut.

Here's the Final Report from the Workshop. [PDF]

Here is a packet of material about the day's activities: Leadership Summit Packet [PDF]


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