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Activities in 2008

Regional Summit 2008

Plenary Session: Where is North Texas Headed? In the plenary session, the Vision North Texas initiative was introduced and its latest results were summarized. Regional leaders provided visionary perspectives on the most desirable futures for North Texas.

Better Than “Business as Usual” Discussion Sessions. These small group discussion sessions examined the new tools, emerging approaches and alternative policy directions that can produce a future North Texas that is better than the ‘Business As Usual’ (BAU) alternative.

  1. Public Facilities – Transportation & Others
  2. The Economy
  3. Natural Assets
  4. Neighborhoods & Communities
  5. Energy
  6. Water
  7. Regional Development Pattern

Discussion Sessions: Better Than Business As Usual

  1. Panel Presentation
  2. Question & Answer Session
  3. Discussion & Agreement on Recommendations

Results Session

  1. Group Reports
  2. Keypad Polling
  3. Wrap-up, Next Steps & Acknowledgements

Regional Choices report

Regional Choices ReportNow Available, the Vision North Texas Regional Choices report explains a wide array of research results and defines the choices and challenges facing our region between now and 2050. It builds a foundation for North Texas 2050, a vision and action plan for our future.

The Regional Choices report was discussed at the November Subregional Update Sessions and at the Regional Summit 2008 on December 9, 2008. Order copies of report





North Texas 2050

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North Texans have a vision for what a sustainable, successful future would look like for our region. Now, Vision North Texas is developing North Texas 2050, a regional vision statement and an action package of strategies that can be used to achieve this vision.