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Regional Summit 2011

The summit took place on Friday Morning, October 28, 2011 at the University of Texas at Arlington's University Center.

We heard from internationally known author, Richard Florida, as our keynote speaker for the event. The summit presented highlights of the North Texas 2050 annual report and attendees participated in action team break- out sessions that focused on specific topic areas and activities. For More Information>>>

Regional Summit - March 5, 2010Image from the Regional Summit on March 5, 2010

"Business as usual is dead!" (Fort Worth Mayor, Mike Moncrief)

Through Vision North Texas, leaders and experts around the region have worked together to imagine a future that is better than the one predicted by current trends and projections. They have created a vision for a preferred future and a practical set of action steps North Texans can take to achieve this vision.

The Regional Summit 2010 is the culmination of Vision North Texas activities that began with a regional workshop in 2005.  At the summit, regional leaders shared their responses to these recommendations and the steps they intend to take so the future depicted in “North Texas 2050” will become a reality. Participants contributed their own perspectives and designed their own strategies for a future that is better than ‘business as usual’.

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On September 18th close to 300 people met to discuss North Texas Alternative Futures:
making choices that are better than business as usual

What is the ‘business as usual’ future for North Texas?Click to read the North Texas Alternative Futures Executive Summary

By 2050, almost 12 million people will live in North Texas. If current trends continue, these residents will spend even more time stuck in traffic than they do today. Current sources won’t provide enough water to meet their needs. Energy demands will be 20% above capacity. Many more acres of agricultural and open space lands will be converted to subdivisions and shopping centers.


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Mobilizing people * Catalyzing discussion * Examining our choices * Defining a regional vision * Detailing options for implementation

Recent Activities

2005 APA Texas Award The award-winning Vision North Texas partnership is making an important contribution to the future quality of life, economic desirability and long-term sustainability of the 16-county North Central Texas region. It is increasing public awareness about important regional land use issues that affect mobility, air quality, water supply and other economic and environmental resources. In addition, it is serving as a forum for discussion, education, research and decision about public and private sector actions to address these concerns. It is addressing these concerns through a partnership of the private, public, non-profit and academic sectors

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