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Online Case Studies

Broad decisions about regional development patterns, major public facilities and overall policy choices are important to the region’s future. But the actual day-to-day experience of a future resident will be determined by specific details – the type of neighborhood, the character of a central gathering place or the stress involved in traveling from home to work or other destinations. Case studies help illustrate the way these specific details might be incorporated in the larger alternative scenarios for North Texas.

For this analysis, many action teams researched case studies as part of their work. Two teams – one led by the UTA School of Architecture and the other by the ULI Sustainability Committee – worked together to identify a set of urban design case studies and then assembled information about key project details. These case studies are presented below as a mapping application.

Updated Case StudyUpdated Case Study    New Case StudyNew Case Study   New Case Study2009 Case Study

Use the zooming and navigating tools to the left to move around. Click on a star for details about that study.
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